Do the Tenderfoot 3-Step™ and be amazed

Gain the skills you need to build a relationship with your dog

Three easy-to-learn drills that offer a lifetime of phenomenal results. For any dog and every issue. The Tenderfoot 3-Step is the missing link in dog training, a remarkable combination of behavior science, boundary setting and intuitive/interpretive communication.

Whether through in-person, remote training or video streamed lessons, you will be absolutely amazed by the outcome.

  • Basic Obedience

    I never thought we’d say this, but Hector is now the most well-behaved dog on the trail.

  • Destructive

    Tenderfoot has taught me to make great changes in myself and Ndjumbo.

  • Biting, Snapping and Nipping

    Josh is a different pup. His snapping and aggressiveness has been eliminated!

  • Doesn’t listen

    It’s amazing to see the difference in Sassy after one session with you.

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Tenderfoot Natural Dog Training