General Obedience


A dog that’s independent, impatient and/or lacks inner calmness can benefit from general obedience training.


When too much free time “allows” a dog to choose to “Go where I want, do what I want, and react how I want”.


The 3-Step teaches people how to lead their dog, foster balance within their dog and creates a harmonious relationship based on love, trust, and respect.

Live in harmony with your dog!

Wow. Doug has been absolutely amazing to work with. We got Prine (our dog) in April during quarantine and tried training him ourselves. Well, that’s tough to do when training isn’t your language and there are what feels like hundreds of different methods out there! We found ourselves jumping from tactic to tactic, not sure of what was “right” and finally decided to invest in outside help. Boy are we ecstatic we did. Prine’s first day of school was today, and we’ve already seen improvement at home. Now the hard part – keeping this momentum and holding ourselves accountable to continue this relationship training/building with him. Grateful for Doug’s help (and he’s a genuinely cool guy to hang out with – he makes the lesson fun and relatable!). Thank you!

Becca W.

I was trying to figure out how to get our bossy, mouthy and aloof puppy re-homed, but someone suggested that I needed to try Tenderfoot Training first. We had already done a lot of work with other trainers: puppy kindergarten, click and treat, board and train and even considered an electronic collar. No matter what we did, Hector remained difficult. We never enjoyed his company because he was always unpleasant and challenging. We were desperate, so we gave Tenderfoot a call. When I spoke with Elizabeth I felt there was hope. She, quite literally, came to our rescue. She insisted that Hector was a great dog and I decided to give training one more chance. As soon as the family got with the Tenderfoot program we saw incredible results. The trick: love, trust, respect and consistency. We have been very diligent in our training and he is now extremely well behaved, kissier and has become a loving member of our family. I never thought we would be able to say this but he is now the most well behaved dog on the trails. People know him by name and are anxious for him to play with their dogs. I drop Tenderfoot’s name whenever possible as I truly believe they are the best trainers around. I think what I like best about Tenderfoot is there are no bells and whistles. There is just love, trust, respect and consistency.

Gail, S., Boulder

Everyone who gets a dog should be required to take classes from Tenderfoot Training.

Harriet B., Boulder, CO

I would like to thank you for providing such an incredible service to all dog caregivers. Your training program is far and away the best I have ever been exposed to. I have seen a huge difference in the calmness and comfortableness of all of our clients. I wish every dog person could take your classes.

M. T., Simba Ranch Dog Camp

I can not say enough positive things about Tenderfoot Training: a couple—Doug & Elizabeth—that help you re-establish a relationship with your dog. The first session was supposed to be two hours. Elizabeth worked with me and my dog for almost three hours. Their philosophy is NOT based on clickers, shock collars, or treats. It is about respect and developing a positive relationship with your dog. After doing the “drills” with my dog for a week, everyone in my house noticed a difference in her demeanor. My dog knows the names of some of her toys, the names of two rooms in the house—and goes to one of them when told to—and knows when I say “out” she needs to leave the room. In short, if you’re looking for a training method to help you establish a relationship with your dog based on trust and respect, Tenderfoot Training is for you. Happy Trails…

Keith S., Boulder CO

Doug and Elizabeth are exceptionally conscientious, kind and purposeful with animals, knowledgeable with animal husbandry and behavior. I strongly recommend them.

Dr. Cathy E., DVM

Absolutely the Best‎‎! These people are the best. You won’t find a better trainer with better techniques. They leave your dog feeling confident, you feeling good and it works like magic. You can’t go wrong with Tenderfoot Training, unless you take a wrong turn on the way there, but that’s another story.‎


I learned more in my 1st session with Tenderfoot than I ever learned in ‘the other trainers’ entire course. Your gentle, intuitive manner with dogs is a gift! May many guardians and their companions be touched by your strengths.

Lori L., lPetEmpawrum, Arvada, CO

Tenderfoot Training taught me to train Nikki to become a resilient and confident companion. Sitting in a kayak together is the ultimate partnership and a good test of the Sit/Stay command, especially when ducks paddle by!

Sue K.

I recommend Tenderfoot Training to everyone I know! I took my 12-week old Papipoo to Tenderfoot when she would not submit to leadership. We only required ONE session!! Once my partner and I were taught how to raise a dog, she was an angel. I can’t credit her genetics for this turn around, it’s all in the Tenderfoot technique.

Ellie R.

Just to let you know how Tansy and I are doing after our AMAZING initial session. Even though I’m working at two jobs now, with not enough time at home with Tansy, she is responding so very well, even with short sessions. She is so eager to learn, and she is checking in with me before she does anything (and I do mean ANYTHING–eating, getting on the sofa…). It’s obvious she isn’t accustomed to me being a strong leader, but she seems to be reveling in finally having me try. People’s lives can be transformed by what you have to offer.

Shirley G.

I’ve never met anyone with a talent for animals like the Simpsons.

Bob G., Boulder

Seriously the best dog trainers in the world! They coach your dog(s) and you in a gentle, loving, and respectful way. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Lettie E.

I’ve used Tenderfoot Training for two generations of animals, first my Siberian Husky and second my wolfdogs. I can’t recommend them enough. Having moved far from Colorado, I still use their videos for reference points and they’ve helped me create amazing relationships with my animals.

Scott W.

Step into a new relationship with your dog