Understand our philosophy

Realize the benefits of relationship-based training

Since 1985, Doug and Elizabeth Simpson have made it their life’s mission to help people live in harmony with their dogs. Their dog whisperer-like ability to understand the canine body, mind and spirit is translated into natural dog training unlike any other.

If you want to tap into your dog’s unique “dogonality” and truly communicate with them. If you want to replace frustration with a better relationship based on mutual love and understanding. Your commitment and patience, together with Tenderfoot Natural Dog Training, is all that’s needed to make a fresh start with your dog. Start today.

Dog training based on love, trust and respect

Our Tenderfoot 3-Step method is a unique combination of behavior science, boundary setting and intuitive/ interpretive communication that builds a lifelong relationship with your dog—because dogs naturally understand the language of relationship. It’s training informed by:

  • Over three decades of studying animal behavior
  • Using natural pressure and release techniques to set boundaries
  • Understanding each dog’s unique dogonality

A harmonious, balanced relationship is created through every interaction—feeding, playing, training, sleeping, walking, affection, grooming and so on. Fair, consistent communication establishes leadership and creates a close, trusting bond.

Training options: