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Introducing the Tenderfoot 3-Step

Tenderfoot Natural Dog Training helps you understand, interpret and lead your dog by addressing the fundamental aspects of your relationship. You’ll learn how to communicate in a way they already understand and teach them to look to you for advice and leadership before making any decision.

Just three fundamental drills and your commitment are all it takes to nurture a lifelong, harmonious relationship with your dog. Each of the foundational drills has four levels and multiple applications. When learned in sequence and through all four levels, the Tenderfoot 3-Step will help you earn your dog’s love, trust, and respect.


The first step is a no-pulling drill designed to teach your dog to stay close, within your personal bubble. It also helps them learn to defer to your wishes without straining or pulling on the leash.

You’ll learn:

  • How to read your dog’s body language
  • How to use a leash properly
  • How your own body language, timing, intent and energy affect your dog’s actions

Your dog will learn:

  • To stop fighting the leash
  • To control impulses and improve patience
  • To look to you for guidance and make smart choices


The second step is a leader/follower game developed to teach your dog to stay with you on a loose leash and remain behind your toe line when you are walking. This also teaches a dog how to greet, enter and exit calmly and not lunge away from you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get a feel of the leash and its proper use for walking together
  • How to have a calm, enjoyable walk with your dog
  • How your energy level and timing of cues affect your dog’s actions

Your dog will learn:

  • To give to the cue of the leash and mirror your movements
  • To walk on a loose leash next to you
  • To stop on a loose leash when you stop and not cross your “toe-line”


The third step is the most important drill of all as it is designed to establish respect by keeping your dog on the other side of a boundary. This drill can change everything for you and your dog because whoever controls territory in a dog’s world is leading the dance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use your body language, timing and energy to claim space.
  • How to stop a thought before it becomes an action
  • How to apply this simple drill to: stay, leave it, off, coming, stopping, etc.

Your dog will learn:

  • How to stay out or in a specified area
  • How to respect your space
  • How to give eye contact when looking for guidance

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