Team Tenderfoot

Rebecca Fidele

Tenderfoot Certified since 2020

Why or how did you become a dog trainer?

I’ve always appreciated animals’ straightforward communication. I wanted to better understand it to help people in their relationships to their animals and therefore themselves.

What makes Rebecca a gifted trainer?

“Rebecca has a strong desire to help others, and is naturally tuned into reading dogs and their people. She is a fast learner and understands the little things matter. Rebecca’s natural patience and inner calmness works well with dogs, and her big heart makes her a great trainer. We are very excited to see what her future brings to Tenderfoot.”  ~ Doug & Elizabeth

What are you passionate about in life outside dogs?

I love getting my hands dirty planting vegetables and taking care of ornamental gardens. I don’t know enough to be a horticulturist, but enough to maintain a greenish thumb and a love for Mother Nature. I also like to hike, camp, play disc golf and be out in the mountains as much as possible!

Where are you from?

I live in Boulder, Colorado, but I am from Harvard, Massachusetts, which is quintessential New England farmland.