Become Tenderfoot certified

Expand your career opportunities

For those interested in becoming a certified Tenderfoot Natural Dog Trainer, we offer a professional-level program with three levels of certification. Acceptance is through an interview process only. To apply or learn more, please contact us.

Level 1: Method

Understanding of the Tenderfoot 3-step philosophy and drills, and demonstrating the ability to teach average dogs and clients. Proficiency in performing drills in an appropriate and sensitive manner.

Level 2: Internship

Enhancing your dog training practice through an immersion experience of your choice at a training facility, dog rescue or daycare.  Elevating your skills through teaching a variety of dogs and clients while advancing towards more difficult behaviors.

Level 3: Mastery & Mentor

Advanced obedience skills working with challenging or aggressive dogs and teaching these skills to clients. Training other dog trainers or becoming a specialized trainer in a specific sport or service activity.