Your Dog Doesn’t Come When Called, Can’t Be Off Leash?


A dog who doesn’t respond in a timely manner to their person is a problem that must be addressed by good training.


When there is a lack of respect in the relationship and the dog decides whether or not to listen to its human.


The 3-Step practiced at increasing distances with a variety of distractions teaches a dog to listen and come when called.

Live in harmony with your dog!

I take seminars and am in contact with different trainers, behaviorists and vets around the country and overseas. Up until recently I have not been comfortable recommending trainers because methods and certain elements of the training did not sit well with me. I was fortunate to discover the Simpson’s of Tenderfoot Training whose method was not only gentle and effective, but whose philosophy resonated with my own. I purchased their video and was overjoyed with what they were sharing and the amount of information they offered. They hold back nothing and their hearts are in the right place. Finally I had found what I was looking for. I encourage everyone—new dog parents and those who have shared their lives with dogs for years—to check out the Tenderfoot Training video. I also want to make something very clear. I do not make any money or benefit in any way by recommending this video or couple. What I get out of sharing this is the knowing that dogs whose people choose this method will not have to undergo the frustration of being misunderstood and the pain that often goes along with it.

B. B., Los Angeles, CA

Step into a new relationship with your dog