Meet the Tenderfoot Team

Make a fresh start with your dog

Every Tenderfoot trainer shares a strong dedication to always do right by the dogs and owners we serve, as well as a deep connection and commitment to dogs.

Doug Simpson

“Understanding animals is instinctive to Doug – he has a certain magic with them. The beauty is that he can share that magic with people and teach them how to do it too. What a great gift to us all.” ~ Elizabeth

Elizabeth Simpson

“One of the reasons I was attracted to Elizabeth was her deep compassion for all animals, and her strong desire to change how people interacted with them. She always sees the good in people and dogs, and is quickly able to pinpoint the disparity in a relationship in order to set it right.” ~ Doug

Isaac Reeve

“We met Isaac in New York when we were working at the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation. Soon after, he moved to Colorado and began training with Tenderfoot. Over the years, he has shown himself to be an amazingly self-motivated student of a dog’s emotions, behaviors and brain…

Rebecca Fidele

“Rebecca has a strong desire to help others, and is naturally tuned into reading dogs and their people. She is a fast learner and understands the little things matter. Rebecca’s natural patience and inner calmness works well with dogs, and her big heart makes her a great trainer…

Oana Gonzales

“Oana wanted to deepen her experience with dogs to help shelter dogs find forever homes. The very first dog she worked with had been at the shelter for a couple of years and was labeled difficult. With Oana’s guidance the dog found a home within weeks. Oana’s natural patience and…

Michael “Utah” Schwab

“Utah’s passion for dogs and the outdoors has defined his life for decades. His dedication to finding a deeper relationship with dogs and their people has benefited countless lives. For him to be able to trek through the Utah wilderness with a dozen off-leash dogs moving with his every step…