These were pictures taken in January of 2006 when Doug and I were privileged enough to visit the WOLF sanctuary in northern Colorado.  Pat and Frank Wendland have been rescuing wolves from all over the country for many years and we have never encountered such a dedicated couple who along with their amazing volunteers have saved countless animals.  Their energy and devotion is tireless.  Please go to their web site to learn more about this fabulous group of people and how you can make a difference in the wolves’ lives. .  Thank you so much for taking the time to care about these incredible creatures.


Please remember that wild animals do not make good pets.   They are forever wild and will react as such.  Many of the animals WOLF rescues are from people who thought their experience would be special, or that having a wolf in their lives would make them special, only to find out that the animals are unpredictable, reactive, and dangerous.  When the people discover they can’t control them, or they don’t just lie on the hearth like a dog - the people neglect them or get rid of them and the animals are the ones who suffer.  Hybrids are no different – as romantic as it may sound to have a wolf hybrid - the animals themselves can be tortured souls who don’t know if they should listen to the domestic or wild side of their brains – they are often skittish and insecure.  Wolves belong in the wild, or being cared for by people like Pat and Frank who understand their special needs and honor their wild hearts.