Love Them & Lead Them


Love Them & Lead Them


A 2-DVD set – almost 3 hours of information!

This video is designed like a series of personal lessons, that show you how to transform your relationship with your dog, in the comfort of your living room.

Let us show you what a vital role your relationship plays in creating a well-behaved, and happy canine companion.

With the straightforward leadership skills taught in this video, your dog will be choosing her actions according to your wishes in just a few days – without creating pain/fear from harsh devices and not because you have a pocket full of treats, but out of love, trust and respect!

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Many popular training methods rely on bribery with treats or the use of force with devices, which deliver only short-term results. Tenderfoot’s natural, non-violent training techniques create lifelong changes, because it is based on love, trust and respect.

“Overall, this is the best dog training video I've seen. Yes, better than the Monks of NewSkete, or any pop culture TV show on Animal Planet. These folks really care and are sincere about helping people create a true and long lasting relationship with their dogs. Highly recommended to all dog owners!”  ~Amazon review
“Tenderfoot has a great training video. You can take anything Tenderfoot says as gold.”  ~ Jesse, Orlando FL

Tenderfoot Training is the ability to...

  • Stop unwanted behavior now: i.e. straying, pulling, jumping up, barking, digging, ignoring you, mouthing, chewing, guarding, aggression, etc.

  • Establish Trust, and Respect between you and your dog.

  • Become a Confident and Kind leader.

  • Foster calm behavior in your dog.

  • Instantly create desired actions (sit, down, stay, heel.)

  • Learn to read your dog’s body language to get results with minimal effort.

  • Quickly achieve off-leash training by engaging your dog's mind.