Team Tenderfoot

Oana Gonzales

Tenderfoot Certified since 2016

Why or how did you become a dog trainer?

I became a dog trainer to help shelter dogs where I volunteered to be adopted more easily. Tenderfoot helped me train my own rescue dog, so I was already familiar with their incredible method. I knew with their help, I could make a huge difference for these shelter dogs looking for a home and indeed it did.

What makes Oana a gifted trainer?

Oana wanted to deepen her experience with dogs to help shelter dogs find forever homes. The very first dog she worked with had been at the shelter for a couple of years and was labeled difficult. With Oana’s guidance the dog found a home within weeks. Oana’s natural patience and gentle manner make her an amazing trainer. We are proud to have helped her achieve her dream.” ~ Doug & Elizabeth

What are you passionate about in life outside dogs?

I am passionate about helping homeless pets, nature and ecology, hiking, music (I play piano), astrology, plus the culture and spirituality of India.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Romania and now live near Lisbon, Portugal.