Team Tenderfoot

Michael “Utah” Schwab

Tenderfoot Certified since 2008

Why or how did you become a dog trainer?

I owned Schwaby’s Pet Care for 12 years in Park City, Utah, where I would lead packs of dogs off-leash to run and socialize on the many Park City trails, which became a large part of my business. I wanted to become more knowledgeable about how to train dogs and owners to do these outdoor activities themselves.

What makes Utah a gifted trainer?

“Utah’s passion for dogs and the outdoors has defined his life for decades. His dedication to finding a deeper relationship with dogs and their people has benefited countless lives. For him to be able to trek through the Utah wilderness with a dozen off-leash dogs moving with his every step is a testament to his talents and special connection to dogs.”  ~ Doug & Elizabeth

What are you passionate about in life outside dogs?

I am passionate about nature, animals, the great outdoors and the environment. I enjoy mountain biking, paddle boarding, skiing, tennis, crossfit, camping, mountaineering and adventuring to new and exciting places.

Where are you from?

I was born in California, and raised in Utah.