Team Tenderfoot

Isaac Reeve

Tenderfoot Certified since 2018

Why or how did you become a dog trainer?

I began training at an animal shelter and from there I made a promise to do all I can to prevent dogs from going into shelters

What makes Isaac a gifted trainer?

“We met Isaac in New York when we were working at the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation. Soon after, he moved to Colorado and began training with Tenderfoot. Over the years, he has shown himself to be an amazingly self-motivated student of a dog’s emotions, behaviors and brain. He is very sensitive to the being on the other end of the leash. His calm manner and sense of humor have been wonderful to share as he works in his passion.” ~ Doug & Elizabeth

What are you passionate about in life outside dogs?

I love the outdoors, hiking, reading, and going to the gym (sounds like a dating profile).  

Where are you from?

I am from Long Island, New York, but now live in Lafayette, Colorado.