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We’ve worked with Elizabeth and Doug just a few times but we saw a difference after the first session.  Before that session, someone told me, “They are like the dog whisperer; they can do it, but that doesn’t mean you can.”  Well their true gift is that they CAN share their experience with very explicit instructions, steps, and tools to use that help us get the same response from our dog that they get.   And they are eager to share what they know to help people like us who have a challenging dog and to help us improve our relationship with our dog so we can be a good leader.  They have SO MUCH knowledge to impart that it is hard to absorb it all, but the videos have allowed us to go over it all again and again in detail, and I pick up something new each time.  Every dog owner should watch these videos.  I wish I had known about Tenderfoot Training when I got my first dog, but they will be a huge part of the relationship with every dog I have from Sadie on.   Before our first session, I couldn’t imagine going on a walk without the choke chain and even then, I was struggling to keep Sadie from pulling.  I was even considering an e-collar.  After the first session we were using a wide webbing, buckle collar like they recommend and Sadie is right where she is supposed to be.  It’s not magic.  It’s a training approach that works, humanely.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the Simpsons, and I highly recommend their training approach and video. 
— Rebecca & Omar, Boulder
You should know that Sassy is not the same dog. After the better part of a year with another trainer, it is amazing to see the difference after one session with you. Our dog is calmer, more attentive and more responsive to your drills than anything we had yet seen. Thank you so much for sharing what you know and for helping us build the relationship that we want with our pet.  
— XOXO Lucy
Absolutely the Best‎‎!  These people are the best. You won't find a better trainer with better techniques. They leave your dog feeling confident, you feeling good and it works like magic. You can't go wrong with Tenderfoot Training, unless you take a wrong turn on the way there, but that's another story.‎
— Beth
Finn is doing super-fantastic with the training. Wolfgang and I were blown away with all that we learned! Doug was amazing to work with, a real treat for both of us and Finn. Best of all, we have kept it up and Finn is learning very good manners fast.  Thanks again!
- Betsy
Jennifer and I would like to thank you again for helping us help Gordie to be a happier little dog. We've already seen a BIG improvement and we expect great things from him in the future. He is much slower to lose his cool, quicker to look to us for guidance and just generally more relaxed and fun to be with. And Lucy is a total rock star. After walking from our house practicing the two-step and yo-yo drills she didn't want to leave my side. She kept looking at me as if eager for more instruction. Thanks so much, this has been great.
- Darren & Jennifer – Nederland, CO
Thanks for your quick response and expertise. Since you've left, Josh is a different pup. The entire snapping, aggressive response has been eliminated. We took Josh shopping where he met several dogs during his journey and dozens of people who all had to hold, pet and touch him. He was a very good boy the entire time. He was exhausted by the time we got home, but it was a very successful venture. We've also been putting the collar on and off of him since you left with no issues whatsoever. So I guess it took the deft hand of a pro to fix our problem (one I thought was going to be huge but turned out to be extinguished in 60 minutes with you). You are our Dog Whisperer. Thanks!
-R & B (and josh ;-)
I LOVE your postings. I have gotten some very valuable information from the way you answer questions to others. Doggies and their people are much happier as a result of your helpful information. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
- Craig’s List reader
“Wanted to thank you both for fantastic class on Saturday!  It has truly made a huge impact on our lives already.” 
- Brett S.
“Just to let you know how Tansy and I are doing after our AMAZINGinitial session.  Even though I'm working at two jobs now, with not enough time at home with Tansy, she is responding so very well, even with short sessions.  She is so eager to learn, and she is checking in with me before she does anything (and I do mean ANYTHING--eating, getting on the sofa . . .).  It's obvious that she isn't accustomed to me being a strong leader, but she seems to be reveling in finally having me try.  People’s lives can be transformed by what you have to offer.” 
- Blessings, Shirley G
“We're sending you kind thoughts today and everyday. I wanted to tell you that Jazz is progressing very well. She will have been with me only 6 weeks tomorrow and I'm very happy with the way she is 'getting it' thanks to you and your video. Since the training at your house with the cat and small dog issue she has not had any interest in ripping Murph or Bugs from my arms! Thrilled about that and so are my two guys. I know I have a good dog here and with your teaching, Jazz and I will have a good relationship for a long, long time. We both still have much to learn and have come a long way in a short period of time. Many thanks to you!!!”
- Julie and Jazz
“Murphy continues to be the best dog ever.  Perfect--no--but it's astonishing how well we are getting along (with each other and with others). He can absolutely read my mind, though I'm not as good at reading his! Again, all thanks to you!” ~ Linda(and Murf)  *Murphy is a very large, gorgeous boxer that came to boxer rescue after being brutally attacked by his own sister, and was skin and bones.  He had serious dog aggression and Linda was extremely challenged taking him for walks.  We all questioned the sense in an older (but feisty :>) person having such a powerful dog.  We all worked hard to turn Murphy around and now they are doing great.  It has been very touching to see what the dedication of one person can do for a dog. Linda has been amazing in her efforts and patience with Murphy.
“Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you - for all you do.  I'm so very grateful for all you teach me and Harbor, for how patient and non-judgmental you are and how gifted you are as trainers and teachers both.  We'd never be the team we are without you and over the years are continuously inspired by and appreciative for the time you spend caring about us.  Thank you doesn't seem enough sometimes.”  
- Jenn W.
“Doug and Elizabeth are exceptionally conscientious, kind and purposeful with animals, knowledgeable with animal husbandry and behavior. I strongly recommend them.” 
- Dr. Cathy Eppinger DVM.
“Before I worked with Tenderfoot, I always thought that Ndjumbo’s bad behavior was a reflection on her past and her personality.  Now I understand that it was a reflection on me, and in order for Ndjumbo to be different I have to change what I am doing.  Tenderfoot has taught me to make great changes in myself and Ndjumbo.” 
- S. Smith, Boulder, CO
“Elizabeth and Doug of Tenderfoot Training are amazing! Whether in person or by phone consultation these trainers understand animal behavior and modification better than anyone.  Through a kind and loving approach they help you understand how to modify your own behavior and create clear signals to your animals about their behavior.  Of all the trainers I've ever encountered Elizabeth and Doug are by far the most capable of bringing about lasting change.”   
- Iman W. and her furry family: Bear, Zoe, and Mushi
“You are miracle workers!! What happened to Scooter's evil Twin, Skeeter? Oh my god today was amazing.  Lars and his mom came over and we followed all of your suggestions (after practicing several times during the day). No growling, no snapping, no jumping. Lars walked around (I kept Scooter leashed) and Scooter just nosed him, took toys and food that Lars offered and so on. We took a long walk this evening and he was on a loose leash the entire way. I only had to correct him a few times. On our walk we encountered a couple with a very large aggressive dog that they had no control over. I suggested that they call you immediately. Anyway, I will continue to practice religiously and thanks for everything. I do believe even John is a convert!”
- Susan S., Boulder, CO
“I was trying to figure out how to get our bossy, mouthy and aloof puppy re-homed, but someone suggested that I needed to try Tenderfoot Training first.  We had already done a lot of work with other trainers:  puppy kindergarten, click and treat, board and train and even considered an electronic collar.  No matter what we did, Hector remained difficult.  We never enjoyed his company because he was always unpleasant and challenging.  We were desperate, so we gave Tenderfoot a call.  When I spoke with Elizabeth I felt there was hope.  She, quite literally, came to our rescue.  She insisted that Hector was a great dog and I decided to give training one more chance.  As soon as the family got with the Tenderfoot program we saw incredible results.  The trick: love, trust, respect and consistency.  We have been very diligent in our training and he is now extremely well behaved, kissier and has become a loving member of our family.  I never thought we would be able to say this but he is now the most well behaved dog on the trails.  People know him by name and are anxious for him to play with their dogs.  I drop Tenderfoot's name whenever possible as I truly believe they are the best trainers around.  I think what I like best about Tenderfoot is there are no bells and whistles.  There is just love, trust, respect and consistency.” 
-  Gail S., Boulder CO
 “…here's the cool part, the silver lining!  Because I was so sick, Whiskey didn't get a walk all week after our 1st session.  But what I did do was practice all our stuff inside as much as I could manage, during all the little moments of being at home.  By Saturday I was feeling up to going for a little walk around the lake, but I didn't know what to expect out of Whiskey, he was totally stir crazy, poor guy.  Whiskey was a rock star!!!  He did so well!!  I worked him hard Saturday and Sunday and today and he's doing great!  On Sunday we had a breakthrough moment!  2 actually!  Once we walked by a dog that was laying down and looking the other way (he was about 15 feet on the other side of me from Whiskey - which before still would have triggered a freak out).  And not only did Whiskey not get all head-down, ears-up, and forward, he just casually SNIFFED in the direction of the dog and moved on with me!!!!!!!  A normal dog response!!!  I almost cried (again)!  Then, right after that, we walked between 2 pitbulls pulling on their leashes trying to come at him on one side, and a screaming baby in a stroller on the other side and he barely flinched!  So cool!  Thank you so much for the help and hope!“ 
- Anne W. – Denver,CO
"I have personally experienced the training methods that Doug & Elizabeth are using and I find them to be far superior to any of the current methods I have seen in my 33 years of practice."
- D. Courtley, D.V.M.,
"Tenderfoot Training has made such a difference in our lives. We have tried everything from pinch-collars to electric bark collars on our two dogs. We have a busy household that includes the dogs and two young children. The principles Doug and Elizabeth taught us have not only solved our problems but enhanced our relationship with our dogs. Our 4 year old daughter has even learned the training methods. Thank you Doug & Elizabeth for your dedication to our furry friends."
- Natalie Tysdal, WB2 News Anchor, Denver
"This dog training is outstanding. This training method recognizes a dog's natural behaviors and teaches based on a dog's instincts. Our puppy learned instantly."
- Dawn G., Boulder, CO
"Everyone who gets a dog should be required to take classes from Tenderfoot Training" 
- Harriet B., Boulder, CO
“I would like to thank you for the wonderful companion you have given me in Grayson, our 3 yr old husky.  Before I brought him in, I expressed my concern to you that we wouldn’t be able to even make it through to the next day – afraid that even your training wouldn’t solve our problem and we would have to return him to the rescue. To my amazement and delight I was flat out wrong.  Even though I had some years of experience training animals before Grayson, I didn’t know how much better a teacher I could become.  It was a real breakthrough. In just one session I took home a different dog. I couldn’t believe it.  I had a new dog showing a real capacity to become a life companion.  The result of our Tenderfoot training is a wonderful, loving, and playful companion. I never would have believed Grayson’s transformation possible (any of it) if I hadn’t been witness to it and participated in his training personally.  Thank you from my heart for imparting to us the wisdom of your years and experience.  People should know that if they are prepared to invest a surprisingly reasonable amount of time and energy, it is absolutely possible to transform a poorly trained animal, even a particularly difficult one, into a relaxed being, ready with respect.”  
-  K. Austin & Grayson, Boulder, CO
“I take seminars and am in contact with different trainers, behaviorists and vets around the country and overseas. Up until recently I have not been comfortable recommending trainers because methods and certain elements of the training did not sit well with me.  I was fortunate to discover the Simpson’s of Tenderfoot Training whose method was not only gentle and effective but whose philosophy resonated with my own. I purchased their video and was overjoyed with what they were sharing and the amount of information they offered. They hold back nothing and their hearts are in the right place. Finally I had found what I was looking for. I encourage everyone, new dog parents and those who have shared their lives with dogs for years to check out the Tenderfoot Training video. I also want to make something very clear. I do not make any money or benefit in any way by recommending this video or couple. What I get out of sharing this is the knowing that dogs whose people choose this method will not have to undergo the frustration of being misunderstood and the pain that often goes along with it.”
- B. Bard, Los Angeles, CA
"Your posts are excellent. Thanks for being such a great contributor."
- Marko, founder, Canada
"I would like to thank you for providing such an incredible service to all dog caregivers. Your training program is far and away the best I have ever been exposed to. ...I have seen a huge difference in the calmness and comfortableness of all of our clients. ... I wish every dog person could take your classes."
- M. Taluba, Simba Ranch Dog Camp
"I learned more in my 1st session with Tenderfoot than I ever learned in 'the other trainers' entire course. Your gentle, intuitive manner with dogs is a gift! May many guardians and their companions be touched by your strengths."
- Lori Leigh, PetEmpawrium, Arvada, CO
"I call them the dog whisperers." 
- Tina Collen, The Silk Garden, Boulder, CO
"We brought our Siberian home on a Saturday. She was 7 ½ weeks old. On Sunday, we took her to Doug and Elizabeth. In the first 30 minutes they had her sitting, coming and following basic commands.They have a marvelous way with animals, and a true understanding of how they behave."
- M & S Kennedy, Houston,TX
"Doug and Elizabeth have a realistic approach that is easy for both dog and owner to understand and follow. We were really impressed with their positive and humane style. We went from loving our dogs most of the time to loving them all of the time. You will leave a happier dog owner with a happier dog."
- Lori & Clint G., Boulder, CO
"I am so glad people like you are doing what you're doing. It is obvious how much you care"
- B. Liska, Boulder, CO
“Thanks to Tenderfoot!!!
This is a GREAT BIG THANKYOU to Tenderfoot for the instructions on walking on leash. I have had trouble with Sam forever. He is soooooo strong that he can pull my husband off his feet. If I have leverage I am ok, but if he catches me off guard, I'm in big trouble! Classes haven't helped; he's great in class. It was my fault (no surprise!)since I got lazy with him and started walking him with a flexileash. Well, the past three days I have been doing the 'leash boot camp' and it is working!!! Thanks so much for your help on this site.”
- Phoenix,
“I applaud your family for your caring and well-being of animals! I loved your outlook, pet adoption links and stats of unwanted pets on your website :). I will be keeping your information with me. I am asked questions about the training of my dogs all the time. I will now have someone to refer them to for training. You make a HUGE difference in the hearts of both owners and pets.Awareness is key, Great Job! P.S. Thank you for being one of many that speak for the animals!”
- Craig’s List reader.
“Hi Doug and Elizabeth,  Thank you so much for all the advice, ideas and especially coaching. You gave me so much to think about and use. One of my greatest enlightenments was if you have to make an apology for your dog he/she has bad manners. I was motivated after leaving your home and even more so when I realized their poor behavior wasn't exclusive to your house. Living with them day in and out I didn't notice how much work we all needed. Life has been much easier in our home, and again THANK YOU. They are so happy right now having eaten spoonfuls of pumpkin and their first raw bones! I am telling everyone about you!  There have been such major changes in my dogs since we first started working with you.  Just the fact that they are living in harmony together and not trying to kill each other is a dream come true.” 
- Marybeth (Sophia & Xander)
“I thought I knew just about everything I could know on training, raising a good dog and well everything.  I had NO clue.  I have loved your posts, and they have helped me a lot!  I think you’re providing Craig’s List with a humongous service, and wish you all the best!  Please don't stop posting.  It’s important to give advice to all of the dog/cat owners out there.”
- Sara – Craig’s List
“Ditto, Ditto , Ditto. I love your posts, they are so helpful to new pet owners and pet owner wannabees. Plus, I think they will help some of us make the right choice when we do get a dog -- knowing how much effort we will need to commit to an untrained dog. Keep it up!”
- Craig’s List reader
“Thank-you Doug and Elizabeth, after 5 years of Sable pulling like she was a pro sled dog, I can now walk her with ease, after people telling me there was no way to train a dog that has pulled for so long not to pull. I rarely took her for walks, as it was too embarrassing, she would pull and gag, and people thought she was trying to get at them, so she could bite them. After reading a lot of your posts, I was able to get her out of pulling in a less than a half hour.  I can't believe it's the same dog, now I can't wait to get home after work and take her and Zena all over the neighborhood. You two should be on T.V, Thanks again P.S The method the TV trainer use's on his show to stop pulling dog's did not work on Sable”  *This is a testimonial from a gentleman who just read some of our methods on and was able to make great changes.
“You are a godsend.   Kind of like pet peoples SUPER HEROS,thanks so much again.”~
- Nick – Craig’s List reader
“Thanks so much for our session yesterday.  Spike is responding beautifully.  He loves to work, and is doing a great job. It is absolutely fun to see him succeed, and we are thrilled with your help.  Thanks again.”  
- Diana P.
“Rick and I recommend you guys to everyone we meet, especially when we're with Tori.  She gets so many compliments on her behavior and disposition; your name always comes up.  As always, thanks and keep up the fabulous work!”
- Teresa, Rick and Tori
“You've given me so much hope for a situation that has literally brought me to tears of sadness and frustration, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As a military couple who have both retired from the Air Force, we waited for 18 years before making the commitment to finally adopt a dog into our home at a time when we had sufficient time, room, and resources.  Thanks to your kind and generous guidance, we are looking forward to helping Sadie heal and feel like a valued, treasured member of the family, which she is.  Thank you again for writing-- Sadie, also sends her thanks!  :-)”
-  Sincerely, Dan & Glenda
*This was a sweet email we received from the many emails consultations we do long distance via the internet.
“Dear Doug and Elizabeth, THANK YOU! for your Compassion!  I can’t really describe with enough reverence the gifts you’ve both given me this Christmas. broke the bare, basic truth with more gentleness than I have ever mastered in my whole lifetime.  You pointed past my major core errors with such grace and pure compassion than I’ve ever seen.  For me compassion is a tool to hone and use and your hands it’s a smile on the breeze. Now it’s like night and day here with my furry guys.  Now that pack leader is doing his job. Thank you for this feeling of Gratitude.....a super Christmas Gift of compassion and care.”
-  Francis, OR



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