Tenderfoot success stories

Be inspired!

Even the very best of dogs has specific behavior modification opportunities. Join us on a journey of dogscovery and learn how these behavior issues present themselves, why they occur and how clients have achieved lasting results with the simple, effective Tenderfoot 3-Step training method.

See how we turn these common issues into Tenderfoot success stories:

  • Barking, Whining

    You are miracle workers! What happened to Scooter’s evil twin Skeeter?

  • Pulling, Lunging on a Leash

    After 5 years of Sable pulling like a pro sled dog, I can now walk her with ease.

  • Aggression

    Happy is a completely different dog. He's calmer, no longer attacking my husband, jumping, biting, or getting crazy.

  • Anxiety

    Their lessons enable positive outcomes because they are focused on the aspects of the dog/human relationship that people miss or don’t understand.