These are breeders with whom we have had contact or purchased dogs from. We only recommend breeders who we feel have good ethics and will stand behind their puppies. Always be sure you feel good about the person you are buying from and get as much information in writing as you can, this will give you peace of mind. Remember there are never any guarantees in life and you could get the most expensive, well-bred dog on the planet and still have problems, or you could pick up a puppy from a box in the park and have the best, healthiest dog ever. Doing your homework when buying a purebred puppy is always your best defense.


Rky Mtn Beagles

Ed & Ray Boehm - 303-833-2842

Liz Friedlander - 303-440-0710

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Blue Moon Bernese Mtn. Dogs

Christine Mann


Boulder, CO 

All breeders should take their lead from Blue Moon.  If you purchase a puppy from Christine you will have a friend for life.  She is there for you and your puppy no matter what your needs are.  There is not a more caring and knowledgeable breeder around.

Boerboels – South African Mastiffs

Redrox Boerboels

Carl & Caroline Van Steen 

Littleton, CO

This is a very large & impressive breed and your consideration to purchase such a dog should not be taken lightly.  Having said that, this couple is coming from the highest of integrity and does not take anything for granted.  They have screened and rescreened their dogs for any health concerns and will take great care in screening their future homes.  If you are considering a Boerboel this is the first place you should look.

Bull Terriers

Coronado Kennels

Terry & Regina May


Golden Retrievers

Red Dog Kennels 

Greg & Becky Hayes


Boulder, CO

Mary Kennedy


Parents have all certifications – OFA, PENHIP, CERF, SAS 

Parents come from championship lines – conformation, obedience and field. Raised in family environment.

German Shepherds

Susan MacAurthur -303-646-3167

Sandy Richards - Stutgardt Kennels - 970-663-6370

Sherie McKinnon - Lonestar Kennels - 303-400-8583

Liz Hampton - 303-841-6920

Connie Nelson - 303-646-0630

Susan Casey 303-660-0535

Darlis Lopez - 303-674-6736

Kerry Blues & Wheatens & Norfolk Terriers

Donna Rogers


Greeley, CO

Kerry Blues & Wheatens

Nona Mansfield


Longmont, CO

Labrador Retrievers

Carol Brady - 303-341-2134

Linda Chacho - 303-646-3073

Carolyn Tremer - 303-666-8054


Virgina Rainey



GeeBears Poms

Gina Williams


New Mexico

Northmoor Poms

Lisa Goodman


Aurora, CO

Yorkshire Terriers

Rky Mtn Yorkshire Terriers

Allen & Marti Krenek - 303-646-3094

Irene Bang (Silk N Sass) - 303-428-6305


“Tenderfoot has a great training video. You can pretty much take anything Tenderfoot says as gold.” 
— Jesse’s mom, Orlando FL

“Everyone who gets a dog should be required to take classes from Tenderfoot Training.  I wish you could just move in with us. ”
— H. Baker, Boulder, CO

“I learned more in my 1st session with Tenderfoot than I ever learned in the ‘other trainers’ entire course. Your gentle, intuitive manner with dogs is a gift!

May many guardians and their companions be touched by your strengths.

— L. Leigh, PetEmpawrium, Arvada, CO

“I call them the dog whisperers.”

— T. Collen, The Silk Garden, Boulder, CO