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Love Them & Lead Them

A 2-DVD set – almost 3 hours of information!

The knowledge offered in this incredibly informative video is like a series of personal lessons for you to review in the privacy of your own home as you learn how to effectively transform your relationship with your dog TODAY!

“Overall, this is the best dog training video I've seen. Yes, better than the Monks of New Skete, or any pop culture TV show on Animal Planet. These folks really care and are sincere about helping people create a true and long lasting relationship with their dogs. Highly recommended to all dog owners!” ~Amazon review

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more than you could imagine abut the vital role between you and your dog in creating a well behaved and happy canine companion.

In just a few days your dog will choose her actions according to your wishes – from great leadership, not force or bribery!

Many of today’s popular training methods do not endure, because they rely on bribery or force, while Tenderfoot’s methods last a lifetime, because it is based on love, trust and respect.

Tenderfoot’s natural training techniques have been developed for the family dog; this extensive video set teaches you how to foster proper behavior in your dog without the use of devices, while using non-violent training techniques. Our dog behavior and obedience training video is unlike any other training video. Contact us today to learn more our training techniques and video.   

“Tenderfoot has a great training video. You can take anything Tenderfoot says as gold.  ~ Jesse, Orlando FL

Tenderfoot Training will give you the skills to….

         Establish respect and instill trust.

         Become a confident & kind leader which makes all the difference in the world.

         Stop unwanted behavior now: i.e. straying, pulling, jumping up, barking, digging, ignoring you, mouthing, chewing, guarding, aggression, etc.

         Facilitate calm behavior in your dog.

         Create your dog’s actions (sit, down, stay, heel) instantly.

         Become skilled at reading your dog’s body language, and learn how to do as little as possible to get results.

         Quickly work at being off-leash by teaching your dog to use her mind.

         Get your dog to naturally look to you for advice, and then you’ll be amazed that most of your problems will disappear.

The DVD is awesome! I have been watching it everyday as I am walking on the treadmill.  It has been so helpful with all of the dogs that I care for.  I have been working with dogs my whole life, but this just makes such good sense and is so easy to understand. The video is so gorgeous, I kept thinking, I want to live there, but then I realized I do! Thanks from me and all of the four-leggeds I care for. ~ D. Johnson, Canine Mtn. Retreat, CO

This video covers most every action your dog can perform in addition to: no pulling drills, imaginary boundaries (i.e. out of the kitchen, out of my gardens, etc.), respect drills and all levels of your relationship from Level 1 - inside the house, to Level 4 – distractions and off leash.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Foundations of Understanding

~Foundations of Understanding Your Dog
~The Wolf Story
~The Post Drill The Leader Follower Dance – the start of heeling
~The Out Drill – establishes respect and clear boundaries

Part 2 - Creating Actions

~The Love & Trust Roll 
~Sit, Down, Up, Stand & Scoot
~Drop & Take it
~Leave it
~Short Stay
~Long Stay
~Be A Bear (beg position)
~Sleep (lie on her side)
~Easy & Let's Play
~Outside Drills
~Off leash work
~Plus a huge assortment of training tips


Tenderfoot has SO MUCH knowledge to impart that it is hard to absorb it all, but the videos have allowed us to go over it all again and again in detail, and I pick up something new each time.  Every dog owner should watch these videos.  I wish I had known about Tenderfoot Training when I got my first dog, but they will be a huge part of the relationship with every dog I have from Sadie on.   ~Rebecca & Omar, Boulder, CO


“First and foremost please let me start out by saying that both Audrey and I were impressed by your professionalism, obvious love for animals and teaching tools. The DVD has been a wonderful help as well. I must admit at first I was skeptical of the DVD -- I've seen so many poorly produced training videos -- but within the first few minutes I had turned the corner and found myself watching parts of it over and over.”  ~Tim & Audrey

“I love the video, so many great points....I found myself saying over and over..."That makes so much sense". Thanks for the wonderful training video.” ~ D. Curd, NC

“I found your training video to be extremely helpful with changing my training techniques with my dog companion. Just by watching the video once, I could detect a number of techniques that I was doing incorrectly with my dog, and by making the changes recommended in the video I was able to get the desired behavior from my beloved dog.  He immediately picked up on the loose leash after 5 years of battling with nose collars, pulling on the leash, and choke chains.  In one to two sessions he now does loose leach heels on walks. I love the concept of love, respect, and trust as the foundation of our relationship with our dog.  It is true in life and in any leadership follower-ship role.  A great life lesson to apply to all of our lives.  Thank you.  I so prefer this approach to training as compared to the more physical approach that Cesar Milan teaches.  It felt too militaristic and rigid to me.  I like to have fun with my dog and your training really offers this approach!” ~ Nancy D. – Denver, CO

I can vouch for the effectiveness of Tenderfoot Training. I bought the videos and used the techniques on my unruly, previously untrained Retriever and I really got results. Not merely "results" in terms of her simply doing what I tell her to do, but a loving companion that I have a good relationship with. It calmed her down greatly to have me as the leader because she no longer felt the anxiety of having to be leader, she trusts in me now and in my leadership. Anyone having issues with their dog or even anyone looking to give their dog advanced training, I highly suggest getting the videos. They are very reasonably priced, as you'll see on their website.~ Laura – Craig’s List, Denver, CO

We've had some serious issues with Bart, to the point of thinking
 about rehoming him. We purchased your DVD and we've come
 a long way with him. I want to thank you for your wonderful
l training instruction. With your help, Bart has become a much better
 companion and we are so glad we didn't rehome him.
 Something I really liked about your training video is all the dogs in 
your video are not already well trained. It can be frustrating when the
 instruction makes it look so easy because the dog in the video already knows 
what to do. Then when you do the same thing with your dog,
 it doesn't go nearly as well and you're never shown how to correct it. 
It seems like a lot of other trainers who do some sort of video don't 
want to risk using an untrained dog for demonstrations. And that is
 what we needed to see. Thanks so much. ~Sue Flickinger, Denver

My wife and I are glad we found you guys. Gabby is responding well...no more choker!! She likes to bark at the dogs on the DVD while we're watching! ha ha...really funny. ~ jjgeonerd - Washington

Your DVD is an inspiration & Cowboy is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. ~ Bonnie ChodosQuebec, Canada

For anyone sharing their life or interested in sharing their life with dogs I highly HIGHLY recommend the Tenderfoot Training video. I have never felt comfortable recommending a video or trainer until I came upon this couple in Colorado. I feel very strongly about sharing this video with everyone because this is the one video that truly shows people not only how to create a relationship built on respect and trust with our canine companions but it also gives a clear understanding of how dogs think. The Tenderfoot Training video has foundation drills and several relationship exercises to build a quality relationship between you and your dog regardless of age and issues. I take seminars and am in contact with different trainers, behaviorists and vets around the country and overseas. Up until recently I have not been comfortable recommending trainers because methods and certain elements of the training did not sit well with me.  I was fortunate to discover the Simpson’s of Tenderfoot Training whose method was not only gentle and effective but whose philosophy resonated with my own. I purchased their video and was overjoyed with what they were sharing and the amount of information they offered. They hold back nothing and their hearts are in the right place. Finally I had found what I was looking for. I encourage everyone, new dog parents and those who have shared their lives with dogs for years to check out the Tenderfoot Training video.~ B. Bard, Los Angeles, CA

Had to say that I ordered the training DVD, and love it!! My hubby was very skeptical.  Since hubby does most of the training (dogs go to work with him everyday) I wanted him to see a better method. He has started to employ some of the techniques and has been amazed at how well they work. Just wanted to say Thanks! ~ Kandy, WY

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